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Chimney Sweeping

Sweeping of small open fires

Sweeping of lined stoves

Sweeping of non-lined stoves

Sweeping of Inglenooks

-  from £50.00

-  from £50.00

-  from £60.00

-  from £75.00

(A discount is offered for additional sweeps in the same property)

Removal of Birds Nests/Blockages from £100.00

A bird's nest in your chimney leads to a build-up of unwanted materials in your flue, it will need to be removed by a professional chimney sweep.

Please note that bird's nest removal includes a standard sweep and may take anything from an hour to several hours.

CCTV Inspection from £100.00

I offer a CCTV inspection service where a CCTV camera is insert into the chimney.

A CCTV inspection can pick up any faults there may be within a chimney.

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